Thursday, March 14, 2013

Today's Library Haul.

My name is Courtney, and I have a book addiction. (Hi, Courtney...)

I went to the library today. I could not stop picking books off the shelf. When I had left the fiction section, my arms were groaning. I checked out, and hauled them in my little library-designated tote bag down to the Teen section. Then I got another small stack of books and stuffed them in with the other books. Then I ran up two flights of stairs to catch a train. Ouch.

These are all of my picks for the next couple of weeks. I will probably finish reading Divergent by Veronica Roth in the next day or two, and then next weekend I will be leaving to go to Michigan for a week. It's my final Spring Break! So of course, I needed reading materials for the 9+ hour bus trip there, and the time that will be spent there.

Why did I get so many? Besides the fact that I have a problem, there will be at least a few of these books that I won't be able to get into for whatever reason (not in the mood, don't like it as much as I thought I would, etc), so I like to have a wide variety to fall back on! As you can see, I've got a pretty good variety of Young Adult and 'regular' fiction, and then there's a memoir snuck in there that I've been dying to read by Pamela des Barres.

Have you read any of these? Is there one I should start with first? Please tell me I'm not the only one who gets this many books at the library?


  1. Sheila Heti is a badass-- definitely make How Should A Person Be a priority.

    And you're definitely not the only one who gets this many out! I have possibly singlehandedly kept my local branch open with the late fines I've paid for trying to read too many books at a time over the years.


    1. I haven't gotten to Sheila Heti's novel yet, but I think it will be my next one after I finish 'Bastard Out of Carolina' for school.

      HA! I've said the same thing about my library, too. Sooo many fines. My boyfriend always asks, "you do realize that the library will be there forever and you can always go back to get them?" :) They just seem so tempting all at once!

  2. Oh man! You remind me of me! I worked in a library for 3 summers in a row (so basically I worked in heaven!) and I took SO many books home. I had stacks and stacks in my bedroom!

    1. That DOES sound like heaven! How did you love working in a library? I've been thinking of studying library sciences for grad school in a few years :)