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Hi, dolls!

The Girl: 
I am a 22 year old gal living in the city of Chicago. I moved here from the woods and water of Northern Michigan to go to art school where I changed my major three times and finally settled on Fiction Writing. I have been reading and writing for as long as I can remember, and have forever been impressing people with how much I read. On the off-chance that I run into a teacher or principal from elementary school, the question they always ask is, "are you still a big reader?" Uh, YEAH. I have a book buying addiction that I can't see myself kicking anytime soon. I live with my boyfriend of four years. If I'm not reading, I'm watching one of many favorite television shows or writing. I'm a lover of all things retro--clothing, home decoration, style, etc. I like anything glittery. I'm a firm believer in shame free reading. I am the manager of a gourmet doughnut shop. I've an unhealthy addiction to coffee, which I also don't see myself kicking. I'm a big fan of tacos, margaritas, and dirty martinis (with the extra olives, of course!).

Why You Can Trust Me: 
I've always been a book nerd. I remember reading chapter books kindergarten and having a reading level well above other six year olds. It wasn't until I discovered Harry Potter when I was ten, though, that I signed my life away to the written word. In college, I majored in journalism for a minute, marketing for a minute, and lastly, fiction writing. I try to give an honest review of all books while maintaining a conversational tone. As a writer myself, I follow the mantra of, "don't write a review about someone else that you wouldn't want written about yourself." Even for books that I really dislike, I try to find a positive, and make the negative aspects constructive instead of a big ol' bash-fest. I've taken a lot of courses that have taught me to dig deep into books and stories, and I try to reveal a couple of layers in my reviews.

Hope you all enjoy reading The Lit Girl. Say hi!


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  1. So glad I found your blog, I am so excited to be inspired by your love of reading! I love love to read, and only hope to do better at reading more. Cheers!