Friday, March 8, 2013

Recent Acquisitions!

Two days of posts in a row? Whaaa?

I have finally gotten a camera. Boyfriend and I have been dancing around the idea of getting one for awhile now, and when we found a great deal, we couldn't refuse! Part of our urge to buy one is my current obsession with watching 'booktubers' on YouTube. I had no idea that things like 'bookshelf tours' and 'book hauls' and reviews were a thing to do on video. I'm hooked, and now kiiinda wanting to get on that BookTube bandwagon. Would anyone like to see some video book reviews?

Of course, with a new camera, we had to take some pictures, and the first thing I leapt at to take photos of was my stack of latest book purchases. I bought all but one of them at my favorite used book store here in Chicago. I love being able to walk into a book store, and then walk out with a heavy bag of books and my wallet not sobbing too hard ;) Here's what I got!

Basic Psychic Development: A Users Guide to Auras, Chakras & Clairvoyance by John Friedlander & Gloria Hemsher : I've been studying and learning a lot about spirituality, crystals, meditations, and chakras lately. Consider it up there with BookTube obsession. I read the first chapter already and there's a lot of insightful step-by-step exercises to help you ground yourself with Earth and her energies, 'own the room,' and running energy.

Divergent by Veronica Roth : I actually bought this today in celebration of a good Tip Day at work. I've heard SO MUCH about this series. I love that it takes place in Chicago (hello!), and that Veronica Roth wrote this while she was a student here. I also am feeling really pulled to YA Dystopian novels lately - perhaps it's those AWESOME Capitol photos for the Catching Fire movie that have been released? Can't wait to read this! My sister is actually going to be reading with me on this one, so I'm double excited!

In Cold Blood by Truman Capote : I love Truman Capote. Of course, I loved Breakfast at Tiffany's, as well as several other short stories of his. I've heard nothing but glowing reviews of In Cold Blood. Capote really got down and dirty to research for this book, and I'm looking forward to seeing how he reconstructed this murder and executed (no pun intended) this book.

Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck : The other day in a class, a classmate referenced Of Mice and Men, and how the final sentence of the book, which is a question, really stuck with her. So when I saw it on the shelf, I had to buy it. Also, because I feel like this is a book most people have read/should read. It looks short, so I will probably get around to it soon!

The Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger: I LOVE J.D. SALINGER! I love this novel, too. I bought it because I wanted to own it. I gave my copy to my sister a few Christmases ago, and I'd really like to read this one again. It's been a while. A refresher is needed!

The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne: Another book I haven't read, but feel like I need to at some point in my life.

That's all of them! Not like I need more books, but I can't seem to stop myself...

Have you read any of these? What did you think? Wanna see some video reviews?


  1. Very American line-up, I like it! I've just put Breakfast At Tiffany's on hold at the library for my first foray into Capote :)


    1. Did you get a chance to read Capote yet? I loved Breakfast at Tiffany's, as well as the other three stories that usually come along with it. I'm itching to read In Cold Blood!

      **sorry I replied to this so late! My computer was being a diva and wouldn't let me reply to comments, but after a software update I am finally able to get caught up!