Wednesday, March 27, 2013

A Real Scroller?

Do you e-read? I have a Kindle, but for some reason, I just cannot get into reading on it. I've read several books on it - but mostly they are books that I don't care to own/have on my shelf, or are books that are only available on e-book (like Fifty Shades of Grey back in the day...).

I just think there's something romantic about having a physical book, being able to dog-ear the page, underlining your favorite quotes and passages, being able to easily loan them to a friend, not having to worry about a battery dying in the middle of a commute, not worrying about throwing it against the wall and breaking in a fit of frustration with your favorite characters. I just cannot get into the lack of personality that comes with reading on a little grey tablet. I love seeing my bookshelves overflowing with colorful book spines, and each book comes with a story that's more interesting than, "it was sent through a wire to this!"

Also, I love this article in the New York Times several years back about not being able to 'judge a book by it's cover.' I love being able to peek and see what people are reading on the train, and when they're reading a Kindle, it makes me want to know SO BAD what they are reading.

Maybe this is just me, but it makes me sad that buying actual books and reading them are being slowly pushed out by little gray slates and electronics. This is all just my personal preference for reading, and I do have to say that it makes me happy when people are reading regardless the device they choose.

What about you? What do you think about e-readers?


  1. I was completely against e-readers... until I moved to China last summer. I LOVE to read and knew I'd have a harder time buying English books here in Beijing. And I couldn't exactly bring stacks of books across the ocean with me. So, I bit the bullet and bought an e-reader. I think it might be one of the best purchases I've ever made. I went to Thailand for 2 weeks recently and read almost 7 novels, all on one little tablet. (With that being said, had I not moved to China, I don't think I'd have an e-reader today.)

  2. Hmm, I agree with you totally, I mean, it's not the same if you have an e-book or e-readers as if you actually have a book shelf to see and admire!!