Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Book Review: Sisters Red

I'm going to start this review with this Twitter interaction:
I picked up Sisters Red by Jackson Pearce at the library after watching a slightly old, yet glowing review of it by The Readables. I haven't read many fairy-tale retellings, but I used to love them as a child, so I was excited to see what it was all about and WOW. I think this is one of the best books I've read so far this year.

Scarlett March has dedicated her life to fighting Fenris - wolves who are often disguised as attractive men - after she suffered a brutal attack by one as a child. With only one eye, the other lost as a result of saving her sister from the Fenris attack years ago, she walks the streets wearing a red cloak. The red cloak serves two purposes: the red lures them in like a bull to a red cape, and the cloak is the perfect hiding place for the hatchet she uses to kill them. Scarlett lives, breathes, and eats the hunt of the Fenris. Her little sister, Rosie, goes hunting, too, but becomes conflicted when Scarlett's obsession with the hunt deepens as more and more girls are found dead, and she finds herself falling in love with Silas - Scarlett's best friend and hunting partner.

The story is told through chapters alternating in Scarlett and Rosie's point-of-view. This was a wise decision, because I really felt tugged between the two sisters. Scarlett is so dedicated and determined to lessening the population of Fenris, and with good reason. Rosie is as good of a hunter as her sister, but isn't sure if that's where her passion lay, and I got a really good feel for her struggle to choose between her sister's passions, and her own.

And o-m-g the action! The action scenes in this book were so detailed, and there are a lot of them, yet they don't get repetitive or redundant. Each fight is different and exciting. I loved that Scarlett is such a kick-ass female lead character who was mostly fearless, but also very real and had heart. She could work her hatchet like crazy, and Rosie was also incredibly skilled with her bone-handled hunting knives.

This book was so awesome, guys. I stayed up late biting my fingernails through each intense action-packed fight scene, and found myself in tears more than once. Can this book be a movie? I am so looking forward to reading more of Jackson Pearce's work, she has three other fairytale retellings that I am beyond excited to pick up from the library next week.

Have you read this? Do you want to yet? :) What were your favorite fairytales as a child?

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