Friday, May 10, 2013

New Following Options.

It has come to my attention that the Google Reader thing will be no more as of June 1st. If you follow me on Google Reader, and if you would like to continue following me, I've set up links over on the right side for Bloglovin and Linky. Bloglovin is definitely the prettier of the two, and much easier to navigate, plus there are TONS of blogs on there, so click the link (please!) to keep track of me once June rolls around!

Thank you!


  1. Oh thanks for stopping by my blog. Yours is really cute (and purple is my favorite color, so yay)! I'm following via BlogLovin and Feedly. Did want to warn you, as awesome as BlogLovin is I had to switch over to Feedly because quite a few blogs I followed had difficulty getting their feeds updated through it. Still a great way to follow, but good to always double check that your feed is going through just in case!

    1. thank you for the follow AND for the heads up! :) I will keep track of my bloglovin feed because it seems so nice and less spammy than linky. I will look into Feedly as well, because I'm not sure I like linky much at all, I've just seen it on every other blog I've been to and thought it seemed just okay.