Thursday, May 9, 2013

DIY: TBR Book Jar!

I have been seeing this little craft all over the place, and it seems like a good way for me to kill my To-Be-Read list a little bit. Every time I am at a loss for what to read next, instead of poring through Goodreads for a million years trying to pick a book, all I have to do is reach into the TBR Jar and voila! Decision easily made. Here are the super simple steps.
Very straight forward. Luckily I'm a jar hoarder so I had quite a few to pick from. But they also sell them at Target and other stores, of course.
Write down that list! For starters, I wrote down all of the books on my book shelf that I have not read yet. I've been meaning to read more books on my shelf but that damn library always reels me in with dozens of books. Also, I have not the time to write down all 700+ books on my Goodreads TBR list. I used some cool shimmery, mermaidesque scrapbook paper. Cool paper looks cool in the jar!
Tedious, but quick! Cut out the strips and then crinkle them so they fill up more space in the jar and look prettier. It's all about aesthetics, after all. Once you've done that...
Yay, you did it! Now the question of "what should I read next?" can be answered so much faster for you. I definitely plan on pulling from this jar every now and then so I can knock out some of the books on my book shelf, and soon I will add some of my Goodreads list so I can also knock some of those out as well.

Do you have a book jar? Want to make one? What are some books waiting to be read on your list?


  1. Wow, I made the original book jar to cheer myself up after my laptop died and then suddenly loads of people were making them and oh my word, it has been AMAZING to see what everyone is doing with the idea! Have fun with your picks - I'm about to pick my fourth choice from mine and you can see how I'm doing on my blog, Alex in Leeds.

    1. amazing! how surprised are you at seeing your craft being adapted and done all over the place? some of my favorite booktubers have done it, too, and i also love it. sadly it doesn't always work for me because if there's a book i REALLY don't want to read, i just drop it back into the jar and pick again...and again and again :) thanks for the comment! checking out your blog right now