Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Top Ten Characters Who Would Totally Be My BFF

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I know I'm not alone when I say that there have been many times when I'm reading a book and totally wish that a character could jump off of the page and into my life and be my best friend. Some people get bookish boyfriends, but I get bookish best friends more than anything else. Sometimes these characters are ones that I want to be there for and support, others are ones that I want to be there for me. And some I just want to gossip with until the sun comes up. Here are the top ten characters that I wish were my best friend: 

1) Blair Waldorf from the Gossip Girl series: Okay, so I would only want to be best friends with her if some crazy Serena drama DIDN'T happen between us. Blair is fiercely loyal to those to stand by her side, and if I had enemies I'm fairly certain she could bring them down with one evil glare. Plus, I just really want to go to one of her pajama parties. 
2) Bliss Cavendar from Whip It: Bliss and I have so many things in common it's almost scary. Her mother pushes her to be a pageant queen. My mother had dreams of me being a figure skater. She likes indie rock, I like indie rock. We've both had eyes for a musician. Both misfits. I just want to be in her circle and cheer her on at her bouts. And maybe join her team. 
3) Cath from Fangirl: I'm always complaining that having friends when you're a grownup is too difficult because everyone always wants to do something. No one is content with chilling at home and watching a movie or something anymore. Cath is someone I could totally just chill with. We would be introverts together, and be writing partners, and gush about our fandoms and it would be AWESOME. I would also take Rainbow Rowell as a best friend, just saying. 
4) Hazel Grace from The Fault in Our Stars: I'm a thyroid cancer survivor, so I know a bit of what she's going through. I would want to be there for her, especially because I know how cancer makes friends magically disappear. I wouldn't treat her like she has the plague, obvi. And she likes America's Next Top Model and I'm totally down with watching hours of Tyra Banks getting crazier and crazier. 
5) Charlie, Sam, and Patrick from The Perks of Being a Wallflower: I want to be a part of their merry band of misfits! I want to make sure that Charlie is doing okay, I want girl talk with Sam, and I want to make sure that Patrick gets the love that he deserves. I want to hang out the back of a speeding truck, and sing and dance to the Rocky Horror Picture Show. Basically, I want to be in a group of friends where everyone just gets each other. 

source: Badly Drawn Human
6) Esther from The Fallback Plan: I read this book a month before I graduated and felt this all too hard. While some of my friends are thriving and finding careers, I'm stuck in limbo with an art school degree, and sometimes it's hard to stay positive about it. I think Esther and I would be the friends that motivate each other one day to finally put our degrees to use, and the next day we would be saying 'fuck it' to everything while lounging around together and contemplating our lives. 
7) Patti Smith from Just Kids: Okay, so Patti Smith is not a character in Just Kids, Patti Smith is Patti Smith. But for the sake of this list, I'm going to say she's a character in a way just so I can include her. Her above mentioned memoir changed my life and inspired me so much creatively. She's achieved so much in her life and is legendary. I saw her in concert last spring and felt possessed by her energy. If we were best friends, I could count on a good kick in the ass from her to get myself in gear. I would also just want some of her magic to rub off on me during our frequent chats over coffee. 
Source: tobiasherondale

8) Lola from Lola and the Boy Next Door: Lola walks to the beat of her own drum, and is constantly dreaming up and creating new outfits. I admired her individuality and her desire to be her own person. I think I could learn a lot from her in regards to my own self-confidence and creativity. Plus, she is surrounded by pie and that's never a bad thing. 
9) Alex and Becca from The F- It List: These girls have the most fun sounding friendship that I've read in a long time and I want to be a part of it! From the hyper-sexual Becca and her unending jokes, even in duress, to the the slightly cynical yet dedicated Alex, they are a match made in heaven. I think I could always count on them to make me laugh and pick me up, and be dedicated friends! 
10) Anne from Valley of the Dolls: Homegirl needs a best friend, especially being stabbed in the back by two of the people who mattered most to her. I have no interest in being super-famous or stealing her husband, so I can just be there for her. Maybe babysit when she needs it, and talk her down from being so thirsty all the time for men who aren't right for her ;) 

Who is on your list of character BFF's? 


  1. Great topic this week! I have so many book characters who I would love to be best friends with. Charlie, Sam and Patrick would definitely be on there, I loved those characters and wanted them to exist in real life so I could hang out with them. I really want to read The F- It List, it looks really great. Hazel Grace is a really brilliant character too, I could definitely see myself being friends with her. Here's my TTT

  2. I think I could be friends with Cath from Fangirl too. I love having online friends because real life friends just seem so much more complicated sometimes. I'm definitely more of an introvert lol. Great list!