Saturday, April 19, 2014

The Lit Girl is on Facebook!

Huzzah! The Lit Girl is on Facebook! I decided to create a page for several reasons: 
  • De-clutter my own page! I was scanning through my page the other day and noticed that just about everything I post is links to my blog posts or other bookish things. 
  • Interact more with all of you! I know that everyone who reads my blog is a lover of books, so when I post bookish things to my personal page, it doesn't inspire a huge discussion. I would love for all of you who read this blog to come to my Facebook page and talk more about my posts, or other things that I find and post about :) Essentially: I want to build a bigger community around my blog! 
  • Bigger motivation to update more frequently! I'm slowly crawling out of my winter hole & feeling more productive. But seeing all of my readers on Facebook and interacting with everyone more will give me a bigger push to create more content on a more regular basis :) 
You can find The Lit Girl page by simply searching 'The Lit Girl' on Facebook, or by clicking this link HERE! 

Thank you, everyone! Hope to see you over on my Facebook page :) 

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