Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Bookish Gift Guide: What to get for the book lover in your life.

Shopping for a bookworm can be kind of difficult. Chances are, reading and books are the top love affairs in the life of a reader. That being said, it's easy to fall into a cliche'd trap of gifts for the reader in your life. There's always the Barnes & Noble gift card, and the fandom-related bookmark with the least ugly photo printed on it. But there are so many unique gifts that you can put together for your favorite reader. Here are a few that would be on my Christmas list!

1) A cozy blanket! A cozy blanket is essential for reading sessions, especially in these chilly winter months. My blanket of choice (pictured above with my current read) is a hand-knit afghan, perfect for wrapping up in. If you know how to knit/crochet, or know someone who does, get a blanket made in her favorite colors! For a cheaper, less-involved option, a no-sew fleece blanket is also a great choice. Fleece can be bought anywhere, there are lots of patterns/colors to choose from, and fleece is so snuggly!

2. Something fun to mark their page with. I've written before about using the above saucy playing card as my bookmark. If your friend has a sense of humor and wouldn't be embarrassed about one of these slipping out of their book in a public place (which has happened to me dozens of times), get them a deck of cheeky cards. Or, find a newspaper article, photo, or poem that reminds you of them and get it laminated. Much more personal than the aforementioned fandom bookmarks.

3. Their favorite reading drink! If your friend is of legal-drinking age, and is an avid book buyer, chances are they don't have the extra cash to splurge on a six-pack of yummy craft beer or a small bottle of whiskey for hot toddies, or some peppermint schnapps to spice up their hot chocolate. If your friend isn't a big drinker, figure out their favorite tea or coffee and get them a crap ton of it.

4. Something to drink their favorite drink in. I'm obsessed with the above watercolor mug, complete with a Looking for Alaska quote. The same shop also has mugs and other merchandise with other quotes from other John Green novels. Etsy is also ripe with TONS of bookish mugs, cups, and sleeves.

5. A way to wear their favorite books. The above sweatshirt from Out of Print Clothing made it to my own Christmas list this year! The shop also has t-shirts, jewelry, phone cases, tote bags, and pouches the feature book covers for titles such as Madeline, To the Lighthouse, The Great Gatsby, and The Bell Jar.

6. A sturdy tote for hauling their books to and from the library. The tote above is from Etsy. The quote on the front is so true, and the sturdy canvas material sounds just right for carrying what feels like a hundred pounds of books home from the library or book store.

7. A scent to set the mood. This candle is from the Paddywax Library Collection and has hints of absinth (how fitting for a Poe candle) and cardamom. They also have Austen and Dickens-inspired candles. Some libraryish scents are CRAZY EXPENSIVE. The above candle is $24, which is still a little crazy, but better than $100...for a candle. If you're looking to spend less, find a candle with a cozy scent like apple-cinnamon, or anything based on a baked good. And again, Etsy has some reasonably priced library scents. If your friend lives in a dorm or some other situation where open flame is not allowed, go for a wax warmer or oil diffuser.

8. Your favorite books! The avid reader is constantly looking for new books to read and new recommendations. They will surely love trying something new, and it will also give the two of you something to discuss when they finish reading it (just a warning: it may take them a while to get around to it). If you're not much of a reader yourself, look through their Goodreads lists and find books by authors they have loved before, or find book recommendations from their favorite authors via interviews/videos/blog posts!

9. Fancy snacks! Often times, a cold, winter's night spent inside with a book is like a reader's date with themselves. Get them a fancy snack pack to escort them on their journey through the pages! This could include an array of fancy cheeses, crackers, and olives, or the the chocolate-covered-peanut-butter-filled pretzel amazingness from Trader Joe's.

...and that's all I've got for you guys! Do you know of anything that should be added to the list? Readers, what do you put on your Christmas lists?

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