Saturday, December 28, 2013

2014 Bookish Resolutions!

In my non-book blogging life, 2013 has been a rough year for me. My year peaked in May, when I graduated from college with a bachelors degree and honors, and it just kind of went downhill from there. I've suffered a lot of loss--one of my college mentors passed away, a former boss and friend lost his short battle with leukemia, my pup of 15 years passed away, and most recently, the day after Christmas, we received news that our cat has also passed away. I've also not made it to where I wanted to be in terms of my career yet, and writing any sort of fiction has just not been happening for me since graduation.

But, since I'm not a huge fan of dwelling on things forever, all of this has been fuel to make 2014 my year. I'm feeling a little more motivated to take on the things that I've been struggling with since I lost all form of structure when I graduated. The main things I want to focus on is my writing, reading, and this blog. I've really built up this blog a lot in the past year, and am quite proud of it! I have lots of room for improvement. So without further ado, here are my...

1. Try to post two reviews per week. 
2. Write more non-review posts such as 'booksperiences,' discussions, personal reading updates, meme participation, etc. 
3. Read 100 books! This is my Goodreads Challenge for 2014
4. Branch out of my comfort zone. Some genres I would love to read more of: classics, thriller, non-fiction, graphic novels, and romance. 
5. Participate in at least one read-a-long, one challenge, and one book marathon.
6. Start a book club! I love seeing Jamie's posts about her book club...I want that! The Facebook group has been made. Now I just need like...members and a book to start with!
7. Write posts in advance and schedule weekly posts & memes. 
8. Upgrade my blog layout. 
9. Kick some books off of my grossly enormous Goodreads TBR pile...
...that number needs to keep going down instead of up. 
10. Interview more authors and other writerly folks! 
11. Host at least one giveaway. 

It's a lot to live up to, but I think I can do it! I want to bring this blog more and more to life, and try to avoid the blogging slumps that I tend to fall into when I get a little bit busy! 

Some of my personal, non-bookish goals include unplugging more from my phone and the internet, write 1,400+ words per day of fiction, break in my new running shoes, avoid complaining/gossiping, be more positive, do more pilates/yoga, get back into meditation and crystal healing, and be a more motivated leader at my job.  

Has anyone else had a sucktastic 2013? Is anyone else as excited for 2014 as I am?! I'm ready! I've set the bar high for myself, and I'm excited to force myself to live up to it ;) 

Happy New Years, guys!!


  1. I'm sorry you had a bad 2013 and I'm sure you can complete all your goals! Death sucks as I lost someone very close to me this October and I hope you're okay! Your resolutions look really cool and I'm sure you can complete them all. I still need to do mine. :P

    Happy New Year!

    1. Happy New Year! I'm sorry for your loss :( Losing someone is always such a terrible thing to go through, and I hope 2014 has less of it for both of us! Thank you for having the faith in me to complete my goals ;) Good luck to you and whatever your resolutions may be! Happy new year!

  2. Great resolutions for the new year. Good luck. :)

    1. Thank you! Good luck to you as well, whatever your resolutions may be :)

  3. Great resolutions! I will try to read 100 book as well. I read 99 in 2013 but some were DNFs and some short stories, so a 100 solid ones would do. :)
    I wish I was a part of a book club. Not a thing here. Maybe I should start my own. :)
    I need to read more various genres, too. I keep sticking to same one or two max...
    And scheduling.. <3 saved my life so many times. :D Love it.
    Happy New Year!

    1. Haha! The one or two times that I have written a post ahead of time has practically been euphoric. I LOVE knowing that when I come home from work, all I have to do is log into blogger and click "post" ;) Good luck on your 100 books! Happy new year!