Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Moving With Books.

Well, we did it. We are all moved in! Sunday was perhaps one of the longest and most exhausting days of my whole life. Our old apartment was on the second floor of our building, so we spent a good five hours going up and down and up and down. My legs are still feeling the burn from all of that crazy activity. I surprised even myself by helping to carry the couch, our dresser, desks, etc.

Of course, one of the things I was most worried about with moving was the insane amount of books I have. I can barely carry a tote of ten books from the library without my arm wanting to fall off, let alone whole boxes full. A few friends recommended using tote bags or suitcases to move my books, but I don't have nearly enough bags to carry the insane amount of books I have.  So we did boxes...which took up a lot of room because of the way you can only stack one layer of books to prevent box breaking! After a lot of muscle work, we got them all moved.

So starts bookshelf organizing! Pictured above is only one of two shelves I have. I've decided to go alphabetical for now. That bottom shelf is only to the S's! My next shelf will be for borrowed/library books, the rest of my fiction/non-fiction, and then our slew of text and art books. I love finally seeing my bookshelves back up and looking full. They're so pretty they almost make me forget about all of the pain they put my poor little arms through.

Have you had to move with books before? Isn't it the worst?

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