Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Marking Your Page.

When I was younger, buying bookmarks used to be one of my favorite things. I'd love going to the bookstore in the mall and looking through the racks of bookmarks. There were the cutesy animal ones that clipped to your page, the sophisticated silver looking ones, bookmarks with long strands of ribbon and beads, scenes from the Harry Potter movies, etc. Picking out a bookmark was a very serious process for me, and since I didn't buy them often, I had to choose just the right one.

Now that I'm older with bills to pay, buying bookmarks is not a luxury I indulge in anymore. Using found objects, or random items has become much more fun to me. For awhile, I used a cute birthday card from my boyfriend in which was a long, sweet letter. I've used movie ticket stubs, receipts from the library, empty gift cards, and now, this risque playing card. I got the card several months ago at a martini bar on the rim of a drink called 'The G-Spot.' When I ordered, the waiter laughed and said, "that's a fun one." When the drink was set down in front of me, I understood why he looked so tickled. Immediately, it made a home in the book I was reading and hasn't left since. It makes me laugh every time I see it, though I have had several embarrassing moments when the card flutters out of my book on a crowded train, lands face up, and someone awkwardly reaches down to hand back the card with the buck naked, and very buff man on it.

What do you use as a bookmark? If it's a found object, what's the story behind it?


  1. YES! I forgot what a joy bookmarks are! When I was a kid, I loved picking out a new bookmark, too! I would get so excited if someone gave me one, too! And then, like you, as I've gotten older, I've started using found objects, which almost seem better somehow.

    I bought an e-reader this summer (only because I moved to China and couldn't bring stacks of books with me) and I've loved it more than I thought I would. But now, after reading this, I'm missing paper books more than ever. I want a bookmark!

    If I was reading a paper book right now, I'd probably be using Pesos from my Christmas vacation to the Philippines.

    1. Pesos would make pretty bookmarks :) Ahh, yes, e-readers are very convenient for that reason! I am crazy and lug like ten books with me when I travel and it always hurts my back. But that's definitely not possible when hopping countries. What kind of e-reader do you have? Kindle or nook? I have a Kindle and I'm on and off with it :(