Saturday, November 10, 2012

Welcome to The Lit Girl!

Hello, everyone!

I have been waiting for DAYS to launch The Lit Girl, and I'm so excited that the day is finally here. For as long as I can remember, I've loved reading. The first book I remember being able to read through was a tiny little book about an earth worm. That was in kindergarden. As I've grown up, my love for books, reading, and writing has only gotten bigger, and bigger, and bigger.

What's there to love about books? The look of them, the smell of them, the stories within them, the stories behind them, the sometimes-crazy sometimes-boring authors that have written them, the comfort of feeling a worn paperback in your hands, the coziness that comes with curling up with your latest book pickup and a cup of coffee. I think the question with the shortest answer would be, "what's NOT to love about books?" and the answer would be, "nothing."

I decided to start this blog because of this immense love I have for reading and sharing what I'm reading. I think everyone has certain friends they go to for certain things. You've got a friend that knows of the best place to get cupcakes in town. You've got a friend who knows where to get the best cocktails. I've become the friend that my friends come to for book recommendations. I read just about anything. Fiction, non-fiction, short stories, the classics, memoir, biography, young adult, etc, and I've always got a recommendation at the ready.

What you'll find here at The Lit Girl is reviews of books I've been reading, interviews with authors and fellow readers, recommendations, and other Book Lover Friendly Posts. So please, bookmark me, and feel free to comment and join in on the discussion. I'd love for this blog to be just one tiny spot in the huge community of book nerds like me to join together and talk about our common appreciation of the written word.

Current Read: Cancer Ward by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn


  1. hooray! the site looks gorgeous! i'm so excited for you, and for me because now i have a new fun site to go to! :)

  2. Courtney this looks and is AMAZING!!! i love this cozy new corner of the internet. Obviously, i know and adore you but if i didn't, i would want to know you just from this post alone (the part where everyone has "that friend" made my heart smile). I have always loved reading your book reviews because you write them as if we're talking over coffee. i love that.

    i have a feeling all my new reads will be from your reviews ;) in fact, i am STILL waiting on my copy of "The Book Thief" to come in the mail, all because i saw you loved it on instagram.

    here's to your new site! xo